Bring on the Wednesday

I woke up to a beautiful Wednesday. Cool morning light filtering gently into the room, the fan whirring peacefully, birds singing outside – perfection. :)

When I walked into the kitchen I discovered that last night I had carefully put the leftovers away into containers, stacked them neatly on the counter, washed the dishes, and then… apparently forgotten to place said leftovers in the fridge.

When I’m pregnant I really do feel like I only have half a brain most of the time. Thankfully I had packed Will’s portion and actually remembered to put his lunch bag in the fridge (it’s a miracle!), but I had to say a sad goodbye to a beautiful stack of bbq pork nachos I had planned to devour today. For a split second I wondered whether they really had to be thrown out after 10 hours on the counter… but when I searched my feelings I knew it to be true. ;)

A minor setback, but ah well, continuing on with my day.

NOPE. :)

I went into Beatrice’s room and immediately discovered that her diaper had been no match for her impressive level of hydration during the night. Much to her delight, she got a morning bath, while the pajamas and bedding involved took a direct route to the washing machine and did not pass go.

This short spiral of minor chaos was pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but when experienced in a pre-caffeinated state before 7:30am, it felt a lot more dire. Of course, consequentially, I also felt a lot more impressive about throwing out food and doing laundry than I probably should have, haha.


Yeah take that, Wednesday.

Actually, it’s shaping up to be a pretty great day. I’m thankful that I remembered to pack Will’s lunch and refrigerate it, and that there is plenty of other food in the fridge. I’m thankful for a sweet, cheerful little girl who was thrilled to get a bath first thing in the morning and is always a joy to hang out with. I’m thankful for a warm, sunny, beautiful new day filled with surprises. Life is good. :)


As an aside, I thought I was a morning person, but this little lady goes from fast asleep to laughing and chattering in 60 seconds flat… it’s truly astounding. And she doesn’t even drink coffee! She is the cheeriest cheerio I know, and I am so thankful for her sunny disposition. :)

What’s up in your world? :)


Weekend Snippets + Goals for the Week


A few Sundays ago I picked up the little community newspaper that gets delivered here once a week and asked Will if we could try to do the crossword puzzle together. Although each of us alone can only complete about half a crossword, with our combined knowledge we actually managed to finish one without help last night. We felt like we had conquered the world, despite the fact that it apparently took 52 years of experience between us to have the ability to finish a single crossword puzzle. :)

win kitty winning yzma emperors new groove

Despite our ineptitude, it’s turning into a fun tradition that we really enjoy.

Also, check out those beautiful birthday flowers! Will snagged 4 packets of flower food when he picked these beauties and it’s kept the roses going strong for over a week now. He has beauty AND brains, I tell you.

Not much else to report this weekend. We went for walks around the neighborhood to soak up the beautiful blue skies and sunshine, and we curled up on the couch in the evenings to listen to all the frogs sing in the creek behind our apartment. I made pulled pork and coleslaw and buttermilk biscuits (because I was too lazy to make hamburger buns), Will kept me up-to-date on politics, and Beatrice kept us busy and laughing. We all took naps.

Oh, and Daylight Savings Time. Actually it didn’t really hit me until today, but it hit with a vengeance.

If I were allowed to drink a pot of coffee right now, I would. Baby H., on the other hand, appears to be practicing his/her flying ninja kicks at present, so he/she probably doesn’t need the jolt.

Anyway, before I stop rambling, I thought I’d share three goals I’m planning to work on this week.

  1. Write birthday thank you notes. And mail them. That’s an important detail.
  2. Balance checkbook. I got a bit behind after the move and need to catch up a few weeks so I can return to balancing it every Monday again.
  3. Hang up all our clothes in the bedroom closet. Almost all of our boxes are unpacked, but I still have a box of clothes I need to hang up, and a suitcase I need to empty and put away so I’m not living out of it like a gypsy in my own closet.

BONUS ROUND: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Wear green, bake soda bread, wear out my Celtic Pandora stations, the whole nine yards. This is just for fun, but I thought I’d start myself off easy this week. ;)

What about you all – any weekend highlights or goals for the week?

IMG_20160314_174623 (3)

Beatrice has a lot on her agenda this week too (she just discovered the joy of scribbling with a pencil today), so I’d better go see what she’s planning to do with all those Mad Gab cards she’s trying to make Origami out of currently… TTFN. :)

A New Beginning… Take II

Surprise! How has everyone been for the past six months? :)

I never quite know how to break long, awkward blogging silences. Once I neglect to write for more than a month, it feels awkward to sit down and write something. Do I try to catch up? Do I continue like nothing happened? Do I make an over-dramatic gif? (Yes).

blog lotr rotk how do you pick up the threads

Of course the longer I procrastinate, the stranger it becomes, until finally I’m trapped into writing one of these pointless posts to spring onto my unsuspecting readership who forgot they were still subscribed. Surprise! :)

AGH!!! I know, terrifying.

But what prompted my disappearance? And why have I returned?

The short explanation for my six-month blogging hiatus is that (coincidentally, just like the time I pulled this stunt on my previous blog) I’ve also been pregnant for most of the last 6 months. :) Something about the combination of morning sickness and computer screens just really does not go well together in my world.

Thankfully, I’m beginning to feel much better with only the odd day of morning sickness here and there, and I thought I might try to tackle a cautious return. With Beatrice growing more into a little girl every time I blink, and another dear little one due to arrive this summer, and the everyday moments of sharing life with my best friend and true love and our little, growing family, I’d like to have a spot to share some snapshots of this sweet and crazy life again, so here’s to (another) fresh start. :)

For now, I think I’ll leave this post at that. The silence has been broken. The deed is done.


See you soon. :)